Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hike that started all of these hilkes

Hassaan, Junaid and Jarrar kick started the hiking trips in mid of May 2008; the plan is to continue hiking through out the year and one day be able to do one fourteener (No typo I did mean 14er).

The very first of these hikes (and next six or seven) was at the Mt. Sanitas; that was one cold day. The Mt. Sanitas' top was engulfed in the misty haze of mid May Boulder clouds; however Jarrar and Hassaan's loud discussions on mysticism seems to have made it a bit more 'misty' :)

In the first picture we are all sitting on the Mt. Sanita's top surrounded by beautiful clouds - Never to be seen again in future hikes.

In the second picture Jarrar (Right) and Hassaan (left) on the top.